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Welcome. Type or paste your latitude/longitude coordinate(s) into the input text box. You can paste or type coordinates in any combination of formats and convert them all to a standard format. You can specify the desired format to convert to in the "Conversion Options" section.




Conversion Results. You can view the results of your conversion below.


The EasyVerter App is the easiest batch lat/long converter, and formatter, available! The app was developed to make the proccess of manipulating your coordinates to exactly the desired format - easy. The app allows you to enter your coordinates in any combination of formats and convert them to a consistent and flexible format.

- We would appreciate any you could offer!

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Upcoming Features

The following are feature that are on the list for development:
  • Import coordinates from file (txt, xls, csv)
  • Save conversion report and coordinates to file
  • Map the converted coordinates
  • Save conversion configuration locally
  • Define custom conversion formats (example: D_M_S.SSSS)
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Input Help

Type or paste your latitude and/or longitude coordinate(s) in the input text area. You can copy cells directly from excel and they can be in any format. More options will be available after the conversion. Decimal places default to four places.

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